With a focus on family health and sports therapy, Ward Chiropractic is the premiere, patient-focused chiropractic treatment center in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The chiropractors at the practice work to ensure that each of your needs is heard so that they can craft the best treatment plan for you. Whether you’re trying to get back out on the field, or you just want your family to experience true wellness, the professionals at Ward Chiropractic are dedicated to providing you relief from your pain.

The staff at Ward Chiropractic are well versed in some of the most advanced techniques for relieving pain, including Elite Providers of Active Release Techniques, which help to ease pain and other symptoms that affect soft tissue. Because of this, patients regularly report they experience relief after only a few visits.

Whether you’re experiencing neck, back, shoulder pain or sciatica, Ward Chiropractic has a treatment plan that will give you quick relief from your symptoms. For families that want to experience true wellness, Ward Chiropractic also provides weight-loss and nutritional counseling, helping you and your family to live a healthy lifestyle.