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Mild neck pain might seem like little more than a nuisance, but severe or frequent neck pain can be much more than that. You might not be able to do simple tasks comfortably or safely, including driving, when you have neck pain. At Ward Chiropractic, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Dr. Jeremy Ward and Dr. Patti Bray provide chiropractic adjustments and other types of treatments for patients with neck pain.

Neck Pain Q & A

What are the symptoms of neck pain?

Neck pain can affect you in different ways. You can have neck pain that’s relatively mild and lingers as a persistent, dull ache, or you can have neck pain that’s more of a sharp, stabbing pain that flares up at times. Neck pain usually gets worse if you turn or twist your head, which causes you to have a limited range of motion. You might also have headaches or stiffness with neck pain.

Why do I have neck pain?

There are several possible causes of neck pain, including the following:

  • Muscle strain, especially if you work at a desk for several hours per day
  • Whiplash that occurs when your head snaps back and forth during an auto accident
  • Herniated disc in your upper spine
  • Underlying conditions that affect your joints, such as arthritis

Dr. Ward evaluates your neck pain to determine the cause so that he can create a treatment plan.

How does Dr. Ward diagnose neck pain?

Dr. Ward will do a physical exam that includes checking how limited your range of motion is and how much pain you’re in. If he needs additional information to find out what’s causing your neck pain, he’ll order imaging tests, such as X-rays. These tests provide him with detailed images of your upper spine and neck. Dr. Ward uses these images and the results of your physical exam to diagnose the cause of your neck pain.

How does Dr. Ward treat neck pain?

Dr. Ward provides chiropractic treatment for neck pain, which involves adjusting your upper spine to ease your symptoms. When your upper spinal discs are in their normal position, this relieves pressure on nerves in your upper back and neck. Adjusting your spinal discs also makes it possible for your body’s natural healing ability to work, which can help reduce your risk of having neck pain come back.

Are chiropractic adjustments for neck pain safe?

Dr. Ward makes all chiropractic adjustments for neck pain as safely as possible. In fact, these adjustments are considered safe for many patients. You might feel slightly sore after your treatment, but you shouldn’t have any significant discomfort while Dr. Ward makes the adjustments.

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