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Losing weight on your own through diet and exercise isn’t always effective, no matter how healthily you eat and how much you work out. When you need to lose some extra pounds and can’t seem to do so, weight loss can help. At Ward Chiropractic, Dr. Jeremy Ward and Dr. Patti Bray provide effective ways to lose weight for patients in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Weight Loss & Nutritional Counseling

Why do I need help losing weight?

Don’t feel bad about having to rely on someone else to help you lose weight. You can have trouble losing extra pounds for many reasons, such as eating foods with too much sugar or saturated fat without realizing it, or not doing enough exercising to make up for the calories you consume. You might also have a genetic factor or underlying condition that makes it harder for you to lose weight, such as a problem that affects your metabolism.

How can Ward Chiropractic help me lose weight?

You can have a professional providing you with advice on how to eat healthier and adopt other lifestyle approaches that improve your chance of shedding excess pounds. Instead of spending time and energy on fad diets or unsuccessful weight loss programs, you’ll have the guidance you need to come up with a weight loss plan and follow through with it. Our providers will guide you with advice on nutrition to help you make better food choices for weight loss, such as how to read food labels and which foods to avoid or limit. We can also give you other advice on lifestyle changes you can make to lose weight, such as exercising for a certain amount of time each day or week. We offer nutritional supplements to help you lose weight and stay healthy.

What kinds of nutritional supplements does Ward Chiropractic offer?

We offer Apex® and Xymogen® dietary supplements that provide you with the nutrients you need to lose weight and keep your body healthy. Some of these products contain nutrients that specifically promote healthy weight loss, while others focus more on improving other parts of your body, such as your immune or cardiovascular system for optimal health overall. Our providers can provide you with recommendations on which of these products would work best for you.

If you’d like to learn more about medical weight loss, please contact us to set up an appointment.


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